How to DRAW anime boy in SIDE VIEW [Anime Drawing Tutorial For Beginners]

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How to draw anime boy in side view/Anime drawing tutorial for beginners
fb: Mkiss L Vartist (momot)
ig: @mk.vartist_47

This supposedly my part 2 on how to draw anime on side view but I run out of time because I'll be going to school on the city but still, I hope that you will watch all of my tutorial series for them to guide you in your artworks. Thank u and I love all of u guys.

For outlining - gel ink pen 0.5,0.7, mecha. pencil 0.5 lead
For shading - staedtler 5B and charcoal pencil (medium)
For the paper - worx board substance 44

For the reference's link (please click):,g_1:male:V56dXOtqv7o%3D&gl=ar&hl=en&ved=2ahUKEwjQuJCW69TnAhWBAKYKHUQoD7EQ4lYoA3oECAEQGg&biw=1349&bih=695#imgrc=JL8h9AS-t5C3ZM
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